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Technological advances have spurred enormous changes in medicine and research. Today, science intersects on various levels and with its versatility and affordability is more accessible for different industries. Which is why more and more brands and companies take new approaches and implement in vitro methods to conduct their tests. Changes deriving from it are also ethical – cruelty-free testing for screening new drugs and cosmetics is becoming more common.

We have a pleasure to announce that we will be holding the 2nd International Scientific Conference “Advances in biomedical research with use of in vitro methods” on October 26th 2023.

You can find all the necessary information on the webpage: https://invitro.tygiel-international.com/ 

In face of dynamic transformations in the world, new technology developments, changes in lifestyles of societies and environmental pollution, a number of new civilization diseases were brought. They are complex, thus often hard to diagnose and to treat. Considering that they are responsible for premature deaths and hinder social and mental functioning, we strive to create a discussion panel aimed at exchanging research results, which could spur new ideas in fight against civilization and social diseases. 

Confirming the above we cordially invite you to the 2nd International Scientific Conference “Civilization Diseases – Causes, Treatment and Prevention”, which will be held online on December 14th 2023.

You can find all the necessary information on the webpage: https://diseases.tygiel-international.com/

Having thirst for more we are currently planning more exciting conferences in various disciplines such as science, technology, programming, arts, among others, realization of which will greatly contribute to blazing trails of knowledge and development. Our conferences and webinars will be held online, so attendance from all around the globe will be possible.

Please check our page every so often to find out new possibilities for developing your expertise.

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