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Is Foundation for the promotion of science and development “TYGIEL” a scientific entity?

⇒ No, “TYGIEL” is a non-governmental organization operating in the field of science and education. We deal with promotion of science, education and broadly understood development by organizing scientific conferences, courses and trainings. We take care of preparation of the concept, registration of participants, preparation of the event itself, provision of materials and the implementation of other activities / obligations afterwards. Not only that, but we also run publishing activities.

Do you cooperate with scientific units? Can I establish cooperation with you as a scientific unit, company or private person?

⇒ Yes. We invite you to contact us by e-mail, telephone or in person (please make an appointment in advance).

Who supervises Foundation for the promotion of science and development “TYGIEL”?

⇒ “TYGIEL” is supervised by the Ministry of National Education and Science of Poland (MEiN).

How to become honorary patron/media patron/sponsor of events organized by “TYGIEL”?

⇒ You should contact us by e-mail, phone or in person, thus we will determine whether cooperation is possible, and if so, we will specify the details of cooperation.

Can I present my product at organized events?

⇒ The decision is made individually depending on the nature of the product and the company’s business profile. Please email us with a short description of it.